Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Tree Felling Services

Not only do we carry out most garden maintenance and landscaping tasks for you, but at E H Gregory & Sons we can also help with tree felling, which is an ever-increasing issue.

Nottinghamshire Tree Felling

We love plants and especially trees, but it is often necessary to remove large over-hanging branches, or entire trees themselves. Tree felling is a difficult business and should be left to the professionals, like us.

Avoid Dangerous Branches

Many people have beautiful, large trees in their gardens. Sometimes they can exist for decades without any attention, but if your tree has large branches that grow near to your property, especially those that provide shade for conservatories, they can be a potential hazard.

Prevention is Easier than Curing!

Removing potentially hazardous branches is a very important task if you are to avoid damaging the structure of your properties, so if you are worried about the position of a tree or its branches, or just need to make space in your garden by removing an established tree, call us today for a free no-obligation quotation. Don’t leave it too late, as falling branches or invasive roots can cause serious structural damage.

Free Tree Felling Quotations

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